The Top 7 Beauties in Naruto, Who Will Become your Wife?

I’ve played many mmo games, many games just use Naruto characters but give no important to the scenarios and the contents. Recently, I’ve been playing Naruto Online, a Naruto licensed and official game, its quality is actually very good, characters, scenarios and its story all closely follow the original work! I will come back to you guys another day, when I’ve played a little more of it!

For today, here are 7 female ninja that are really attractive and beautiful! Which one would you like to marry?


7th Place: Sakura Haruno
I know a lot of comics fans do not like Sakura: she is always crying and hitting Naruto. However, nowadays, such a woman is also necessary in our society!


6th Place: Konan
The only female member of Akatsuki who goes by the title of “Angel”. She is an orphan of the battles in the Hidden Rain during the Second Great Ninja War. She practiced Ninjutsu together with Yahiko and Nagato. She can be seen as a symbol of “friendship”, she gave it all – including her life – for her two friends.


5th Place: Ino Yamanashi
Golden hair and beautiful. She grew into a fine and calm woman.


4th Place: Kushina Uzumaki
Red-haired, naughty and loves to tell funny stories, this kind of personality is loved by many. Although she only appeared a couple times in game Naruto, she is loved by many!

3rd Place: Tsunade
Tsunade was clearly an almost perfect woman! Her body and curves are close to perfection!


2nd Place: Kurenai Yuhi
Kurenai has a very handsome body and her face is very pretty too. Her personality is not bad at all either!


1st Place: Hinata Hyuga
In my opinion, Hinata is the pinnacle of perfection. A body full of sex-appeal and with a very tender personality. Her face was drawn above what can be called perfection! Who wouldn’t want her as his wife?!