Which Ninjutsu Do You Want to Learn the Most? I choose the “Harem Jutsu”!

I love to play Naruto games. Among all “Naruto” games, “Naruto Online” is by far my favorite one. It has finely crafted graphics and closely follows “Naruto”’s story. I’ve played many other anime games, but none compares to this “Naruto”-themed game!


Shisui Uchiha: Kotoamatsukami
Shisui’s Kotoamatsukami has been called the most powerful Genjutsu in “Naruto”. It can force someone to change their mind without them themselves noticing. Although this jutsu’s cooldown time is somewhat long, it’s very practical at critical moments. Learn this skill and get the girl of your dreams, say goodbye to your life as single!


Orochimaru: Immortality Jutsu
Orochimaru’s ultimate Ninjutsu. He can achieve eternal life by forcefully possessing someone else’s body in game online mmorpg. The most interesting thing about this Ninjutsu is that you can choose whichever gender you want! That is the reason why all of us are actually unable to tell if Orochimaru is male or female!

Second Tsuchikage: Dustless Bewildering Cover
The Second Tsuchikage has the power to conceal himself and hide is chakra from discernment by others. This is probably one of the most desired skills there is! If you could make yourself invisible, what kind of things would you do?


Naruto: Harem Jutus
Naruto’s original Ninjutsu. The equivalent to Shadow Clone Jutsu put together with the Transformation Jutsu, it is actually rather powerful! Think about it, summoning a harem of girls and have them attend to you day and night! Wouldn’t it be great!


Tsunade: Reserve Seal
This is the Ninjutsu every girl wants to learn! It will keep you looking young forever! Tsunade already was 50 years old when she first showed up in “Naruto”, but was thought to be a young woman by Naruto! By the end of “Naruto”, Tsunade is already over 70 years old, but she still looks like a teenager!

First Hokage: Wood Style
The First Hokage’s Kekkei Genkai. Through gene experimentations, Orochimaru gives Yamato the ability to use Wood Style. After learning this having this Kekkei Genaki, he becomes able to build villages in minutes! What a desirable skill to have for home dwellers and travelers.